Sunday, November 2, 2008

late for church

we were late for church today. the sad part is that today is daylight savings time. fall back. i woke up and got the boys up. then when i realized what time it really was i thought i could get a little more sleep. i am not a morning person and i always love the chance to get more sleep. so i took the chance and then woke up late. so we were late for church. and i was questioned as to why we were late. which people should know by now that i am going to be late more times than not.

tayte and mattie are playing video games. it is funny to watch them play because mattie gets to a part that she can't do and gives it to tayte to do. tayte is 2 years younger, but he probably is a better player than most. which is sad. i know not the best parenting.

payton is into everything like usual.

baylee is going to his first hockey game. is was super excited when he left the house. colton's birthday was last month, but he wanted to go the hockey game so they went. baylee kept watching the clock to see when they were coming. i hope the event exceeds his expectations. i am happy for him but i hate missing his firsts. even at 7. i want to be there when he does anything new. still.


the horns have fallen

it was a sad night at our house. hook 'em was defeated. lee is super superstitious. he has to make sure all the boys are wearing their texas jerseys or shirts. then at game time he has to be at the loveseat and stay there until the end of the game (except to go outside). i met them at reining's which is where they started the game. i left because really who wants to sit at a house with 2 guys who are way to into the game and a bunch of kids. so i grabbed payton and tayte and we came home. it wasn't thirty minutes later that i heard the garage door open. i knew then that the game was not going well and lee had to get back to his spot. i sat downstairs with him and baylee for a while. then i was ordered. yes ordered to leave the living room. they wear losing and it was my fault because i should not have been there. and in lee's eyes i was enjoying the fact that they were losing. so i went upstairs and made cards. i would hear cheers coming from downstairs and would check out the score. and with 8 seconds to go texas was winning. but in the end tech won.

other than that i had a great day. things at the store went great which was fabulous. recessions suck. it is hard to have a small store when things are slowing down. but if i can weather this i can weather anything.