Wednesday, November 12, 2008

polar express

in case you didn't know. the polar express is coming to lubbock. it is a train ride where they read the story to you while you drink hot chocolate and eat cookies. then when you reach the north pole santa boards and gives each child their own reindeer bell. we are going to take the boys and i am super excited. i haven't told them yet because i can't handle the pestering about when we will go. we go in 2 weeks. i can't wait.

which also brings me to another comment. dvr is the blessing/curse i have always wanted/feared. with christmas still 40 something days (thanks jen for the counter) i get this:

MOOOOOOOOMMMMM. come here. (hate that)
i walk in to a paused tv. (wished i had that as a kid)
i want that (hate that) (wished i could have had that as a kid).

it does make getting your kids what they want helpful. i mean after seeing the same thing paused 700 times you are sure to get the right thing. right? happy shopping to all and to all a dvr.


the post(wo)man made my day

i know things should not make your day but today it did. i got my lens and i have been camera happy all day. here are a few of my favs from the day. i love my new lens. there is a lot to get used to. first it is a fixed lens which means i become the zoom. and that takes getting used to. plus those darn kids don't stay still while you are trying to be creative in your photos. so that takes getting used to. but i am sooooo... glad i chose to get the cheaper lens and save for the other instead of just waiting. more cool photos to come.

on another note. i did not leave a comment on my own blog. i may be sad and desperate, but not that sad and desperate. i was showing a friend my blog and she commented without changing. not that anyone would care but i just want to make sure i don't seem any more pathetic than i already do. i am a compulsive blogger i do post almost every day, but i do draw the line at commenting on my own blog.