Monday, April 6, 2009

basketball is here

baylee is playing in the k thru 2 basketball again this year. he has played every year since kindergarden and lee has been his coach every year. he is finally the big guy on the team and he played like it. in their first game he scored a basket. an actual, through the hoop basket earning his team 2 points. these kids play on high school regulation goals, so if the ball hits the rim it is one point if it goes through 2 points. i am so proud of how much baylee has improved. he definitely acted like the older player. plus this year lee really pushed him and practiced with him daily. he was super aggressive and stole the ball and knocked it away from the other kid.

baylee at tip off. this will never happen again. have you seen this kid's parents? baylee actually tipped it and it went to our team #2.

baylee bringing the ball down. lee really tried to get him to drive in more.

baylee hustling down court.

tayte watching, insisting on hanging over the rail.

tayte and payton both watching and insisting on hanging on the rail. i really hope that when they build the new gym the stands are floor level. i have a love/hate relationship with that rail. i love it for safety, but hate it for several reasons. the boys love to hang on it and it makes me nervous and the boys love to sit on the bottom row and the danged thing is always in my picture taking way.

payton having enough and wanting to go down with lee.

baylee's team lost the first game, won the second and lost the last. but, baylee got a medal it was a "bronze color" according to baylee.