Monday, November 28, 2011

thankful: day 28

i am thankful for my cub scout den.  i have 19 second graders.  and while at times it seems like there are 119 second graders, i wouldn't trade them for anything.  they WANT to please me.  some days i have to remind them of that and some times it seems like i have to do it every 5 minutes, but they refocus and we get to work.  they work hard and are always eager to answer questions.  they want to do the fun stuff, so they will do the not so fun stuff.  this is my second year with them and i am thankful that all 12 from last year came back and my 7 new guys seem just as eager to come each week.  i am thankful for their parents and that they bring them to me each week.  it takes a community to raise a child and i am thankful that so many parents have entrusted me to be part of their community.


thankful: day 27

i am thankful for my faith.  there are some things that have happened in my life and i could not get through them without my faith.  i lean on God for the strength that i don't have.
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Phil 4:13
my faith has kept me moving, not always forward, but at least i was moving.  i read this once: i can't prove God exists, but you can't prove He doesn't.  i am glad i believe in Him.  i would hate to go through life and this be all there is.  all the people you meet you will never see again.  i am grateful He has given me peace knowing some of my biggest losses are not permanent.  i believe in God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and i lean on all 3.


thankful: day 26

i am thankful for a family day.  we spent the day in amarillo.  we started at the movies and saw arthur christmas, which the boys and i loved.  after that the boys wanted to go to barnes and noble.  payton had earned five bucks and chose to get a book from barnes and noble.  i am also thankful that my boys like to spend their own money on books.  after barnes and noble we stopped at game stop to check things out for christmas lists.  with our final stop at chili's for a wonderful dinner.  i am thankful we enjoy spending time together.


thankful: day 25

i am thankful for breakfast in bed.  lee cooked breakfast, so when i went into the kitchen payton looked at me and told me to go back to bed.  lee told me no.  payton said it again and wanted me to go back to bed.  lee finally gave in so off to bed i went.  payton came into the room and told me i had to go back to sleep so when he brought me my breakfast he would find a place to set it down and turn on the light.  then he would set it in front of me after he woke me up.  i am thankful that payton has such a wonderful imagination and that he has the whole scenario in his head a tries so hard to have it play out that way.