Monday, November 21, 2011

thankful: day 21

today i am thankful for 2 things.

first, i am thankful that even though the volume on my phone was turned all the way down i still heard it vibrating on the table.  how i don't know because i sleep through everything!  and it was only going off for a minute before i woke up.  it's a thanksgiving miracle.  lee had to go to san antonio today and left around 4 this morning so i had to get up and get the boys to school, but usually i have lee moving around in the room as my warning that it's time to get up.  so i am thankful that i heard that phone.

secondly, i am thankful for the muirs that live down the street.  scouts is on mondays and with lee being gone i needed someone to watch kayson.  i asked katie after school and she said she'd love to.  when i dropped him off i surprised them with payton as well.  katie wasn't there but the doug and casey were.  they were just as excited to keep him as katie was.  katie kept him several times during the summer when i took the other boys to the pool.  doug has kept him once.  and they all seem to come around when kayson is there.  it is such a wonderful thing to be able to leave him somewhere and know that he is as loved there as he is at home.  kayson is so blessed to have them in his short life.  i am blessed they are around and want to keep my baby.  i am glad they are part of the village raising my boys.