Sunday, December 14, 2008

christmas frenzy begins

we had the first of our many christmas celebrations tonight, actually our second, but this was the first one that involved the kids. we went to our church ate dinner and visited. then santa showed up. he sat with each of the kids and listened to what they wanted.

baylee went first in our group. he jumped right up and told santa "i want a wii." they visited for a minute and then he got down.

tayte jumped up talked to santa for a while. santa asked what he wanted and tayte told him "i want a wii." this was suprising because up to this point he has said i want a video gamecube. when i told him we have one and what else he wanted he said "we have a gamecube i want a video gamecube." don't ask me what the difference is because he never told me.

payton wanted nothing to do with santa and lee tried to get him a picture by himself. it wasn't pretty.

baylee ran off and i wanted to get a picture with all three so baylee got to stand in line a second time while the rest of us just hung around and visited. when we got up there payton again wanted nothing to do with santa so all five of us got our picture taken with santa. lee holding payton as far from santa as possible.

when we were leaving i told payton to tell santa bye. he walked right up to him furrowed his brow and yelled "sanda. sanda." waved at him, opened his arms for a hug, let santa pick him up, and then wanted to kiss santa. go figure. the kid who wanted nothing to do with him i guess wanted to make sure santa knew he was a good little boy.