Saturday, November 8, 2008

my first 30 years

tomorrow is my birthday. so in honor of it i will give you thirty things i have learned in my first 30 years. technically (the math person in me) it is my first 31 years tomorrow but i wasn't blogging then. some of these are profound others not so much, so here goes.
  1. i am not a morning person
  2. you make your life what you want it to be
  3. i love being a parent
  4. 30 years was not enough time with my dad
  5. we still live in a somewhat narrow minded society
  6. i love scrapbooking for the art, storytelling, and the relationships it brings
  7. my favorite color is blue-any shade of blue
  8. i am not very tolerant of stupid people-people who know better but don't do better, not people who don't know any better
  9. i still get excited about my birthday
  10. the secret crap everyone is talking about may not be crap after all
  11. the more money you make the more you spend
  12. photography is my new hobby
  13. my favorite food is a burger and fries
  14. most of the time i would rather stay at home than go out
  15. if i ever met the person who invented jeans i may kiss them
  16. i enjoy blogging more that i thought i would
  17. the blog i love reading the most is my own
  18. 58 is to young to die
  19. every person should leave where they were raised for a period of time to continue to grow.
  20. owning your own business is hard work but rewarding
  21. my favorite movie is what dreams may come i love the fact that heaven is what you make it
  22. i love being a wife most
  23. cash is king, debt is dumb
  24. have high expectations for those around you so they have more to work for, but don't make them feel bad if they don't meet those expectations
  25. with 3 boys there is never a dull moment-but i wouldn't change it for anything
  26. being nice to people makes you feel better
  27. kids enjoy the everyday little things with you more than the big things
  28. people never cease to amaze me in the things they do-both good and bad
  29. you should never stop learning
  30. nothing beats a nice, hot, long, quiet, uninterrupted bath.

i hope you have learned something new about me. and i hope that i can do this in another 30 years.