Monday, November 3, 2008

its raining boys at our house

there was lots of fun at our house tonight. lee will take the boys and toss them onto the couch. from there it goes to jumping on the couch.

which leads to jumping from the stairs. there is lots of laughing and a few bumps and bruises, but all in all there is fun memories made. all three boys fight over who gets to be thrown next. i am really impressed with how well the boys take turns. lee keeps going until he wears himself out. i think that he thinks that is his way of working out. if only it were that easy.

i got to use my new camera. i love it. now only if i had my new lens. really i can save up for it before christmas. the funny thing is this camera was less than the original one i bought. but i guess there is a newer one yet and that is why the new one i got was less.

here is to lots more days of raining boys. you are only young once so you might as well make the most of it.

this is also another reason why we don't have nice furniture. why would we? then there goes all the fun.


super excited!!!!!!

i got a new camera yesterday. it is a joint birthday and christmas gift. when i was younger i always hated my birthday being so close to christmas. now i like it. i get good gifts because i combine the two. it does make christmas stink a little, but really i am more excited about the boys than anything else. so back to my camera. it is the canon rebel xsi. i upgraded from the first digital rebel, which i don't think they make anymore. i have already taken 100 pictures since 4pm yesterday. i always said i wouldn't upgrade, but rachael bought my old one so really i made a deal on the new one. two gifts in one: mine and rachael. the only thing that sucked was that only the lenses are compatible so the rest of everything went to rachael to. it was a good day yesterday. now i am saving my money for a new lens 50mm f1.8 and then i will upgrade to this one 50mm f1.4. i am too impatient to save enough for the 1.4 so i will buy one then sell it when i have the second. YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!! can you tell how excited i am.