Saturday, June 13, 2009

pool time

we haven't been spending as much time at the pool as we would like, that darned weather just isn't cooperating. but we did go hang out today. lee met us up there and that makes for the perfect time to take pictures. i don't have to watch to make sure one of them isn't drowning and get to take their pictures.

payton's thing this year is to "walk" the pool. he probably would go the entire way around the pool if he ever figures out there is more on the other side of the ladder. he moves one hand to the side then the second to beside the first. then over, beside, over, beside until he gets from the steps at the 3 foot to the ladder at the 6 foot.

story of my life, payton running away from me.
tayte has discovered jumping in. i am so glad because that is when they have the most fun. each and every time he jumps in from the side he yells "i believe i can fly." comes up out of the water wipes his face and does it again.

it looks like he is praying, but really he is "diving" i think. he puts his hands like this and then jumps in feet first.

baylee has decided that playing the various big kid games, most involving a football, are the most fun and the best way to occupy his time while at the pool. he is getting too big, too quick. just the other day i swear he was scared of the water. now he hangs out with the big kids and plays all those big kid games. but luckily for me he reminds me "no matter how big i get i will always be your baby." yes i have told him that a time or two hundred.
he was so proud of himself after this. "i swam the whole way and didn't hold my nose." lee has been giving him grief about that. i don't blame him i was the same way. i hate water in my nose.
we love hanging out at the pool. this year's goal: get tayte off the diving board. he might just do it.