Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i voted today

no matter which candidate you are for you will make history. as long as you vote. whether you are voting for someone or against someone you will make history. for the first time in our history there will be either a black president or a female vice president. my vote will help decide which of those two scenarios becomes a reality. this election i have tried much harder to be aware of each candidate's positions on the issues. i went into the voting booth much more knowledgable. is that because i have more to gain/lose, or getting older and need to be more invested. who knows. but....

i voted. and may the best man/men/woman win(this is in no particular order).

last night i had an interesting conversation with baylee. apparently they have been discussing the election at school and it was amazing to hear him talk about it. this was also the first time i realized how much they get from others at school. lee and i have not really said anything to him about the candidates or the election but he knew an awful lot about it.

baylee: have you decided who you are going to vote for?

me: i don't know (but i really did know at this point). how about you?

baylee: i am voting for mccain.

me: really, why?

baylee: because he is a republican (i know i have never said those words to him-don't read that as i am a democrat though), he is a prisoner of war, he was in a war. he will get us out of the mess we are in (i know that lee told him that).

he had made other comments about the election. once i asked him why he was voting for mccain and he said "let me tell you why i am not voting for obama. he is not a republican (forgot democrat)." that was about all he said that conversation. i have a little republican on my hands.