Saturday, February 28, 2009

baylee turns 8

it is hard to believe that my first born is eight. i swear that i was just pregnant with him. you always here that time flies, but you don't believe it until you witness it first hand. i am so proud of the young man he has become. he is smart, friendly, and will stick up for those he believes is the underdog. i am amazed at how loving and caring he is. i can't even begin to explain the feeling of joy he brings me everyday. i look at him and think that lee and i have done a pretty good job of parenting, but i also know that he is one of the easiest boys to parent. i am so excited that i see the young man i want him to be already forming before my eyes.

baylee is really into pokemon cards these days. he wants to trade them at school everyday. he was super excited to get so many.

he had a slumber party for his birthday. several people told me that i should rethink the whole idea. i am glad that he had that experience. it was a lot of work for lee and i but, i am glad he got to experience that birthday. we started the day at the park. the bigger boys played football, while the 2 little ones played on the slide. then we went to the house and they played the wii, legos and outside. lee was awesome at the party. he played with the boys, wrestling with them. i think they did get the better of him at the end. it all started with a pillow fight and ended up with everyone dogpiling lee. there was movies and popcorn. kids trying to beat the record of how long they stayed up. all in all it was a great party. i hope baylee was as happy as i was.

"i am king of the world!"
in true tayte fashion he was laying there like nothing was going on. there was a wild chaotic war zone going on and if you looked at tayte he was unphased.

payton did not like that fact that all these boys were attacking his daddy. he tried several times to help lee. either he was flinging his blanket or he finally grabbed a pillow and was trying to help lee. he even tried to pull lee out from under the huge pile of boys.
i got up and cooked breakfast like i always do for a birthday, only this time i had 5 extra mouths to feed. i made baylee's blueberry pancakes and it was a success. since i am lazy and only make them from the box several of the boys loved them because they didn't taste like blueberries.
the aftermath of cooking pancakes for 8 boys.
i think baylee had a great birthday.