Thursday, October 21, 2010

tooth fairy dilemna

a few weeks ago tayte lost a tooth. he really lost it, it didn't just come out of his mouth. it came out and tayte didn't know where it went. we could have left it at that because i don't think it bothered him at all that he wasn't going to get a visit from the tooth fairy. but, i suggested to tayte that he write a letter to the tooth fairy to explain what happened. here is what he said (paraphrased, darned tooth fairy took the letter):

dear tooth fairy,

i lost my tooth and can't find it. will you please leave me a twenty dollar bill.


after he wrote his note i tried to explain that the tooth fairy left $5 for baylee's first tooth and then $1 for every other one. but, i don't think he was listening to me.

a few days later i was changing the sheets on tayte's bed and found a dollar bill under his pillow. i left it on the head board so when he came home i could show him. after school i showed tayte what the tooth fairy had left him. he looked at it for a really long time. then he said, "i don't want it." i told him i guess he could put it back under the pillow and let the tooth fairy have it back. "ok." i also told him that if he did that the tooth fairy probably wouldn't come back to see him ever again. so he stood there and thought, "ok, i guess i'll keep it." REALLY. tayte has already discovered that a dollar won't buy you anything. and his teeth are worth more than a dollar.