Thursday, December 1, 2011

thankful: day 30

i am thankful that i did the 30 days of thanksgiving.  all though i was not good about getting things posted on their day i did spend several times thinking about what i was thankful for.  it was a good exercise for me.  i have many blessings and like so many others i get caught up in the "wish i had's" or the "everyone else gets to's".  it was a valuable lesson for me to learn.  to take time each day and think about what i was blessed with that day. the first days were gimme days: God, lee, the boys, friends..., but as the first week passed i thought maybe i can't do this.  it was a struggle for me to think about something on some of those days.  but, then one day came and i could come up with 2 things.  it's like when you make a list of all the negative things about yourself, the list is a mile long.  then, when asked to make a list of all the positive things it takes you longer to get going.  but really once you get going you start to see the positive about yourself.  this exercise was that same thing.  i got to the point where i would think about things i was thankful for several times throughout the day.  now, if i could just do this same exercise with other areas of my life.


thankful: day 29

i am thankful that lee and i are on the same page parenting-wise.  for all the big things we agree on how we want them done.  we don't fight about which way to do things when it comes to our kids and how we want to raise them.  it's funny how this has worked because we come from different places.  some of the core is the same but for the most part our lives have been very different.  it makes things run so smoothly when we both agree and i am thankful for our similar parenting styles.