Friday, October 31, 2008

lots of treats only one trick

not bad for one night of work. we started out not so good. payton hated his costume and wanted out of it before he even got into it. after lots of tears and yelling chewie(payton), boba fett(tayte), commander cody(baylee) and two parents finally hit the road and after grandma janie's where he got lots of candy payton decided this was not such a bad idea. we hit our other usual spots and got lots of candy. we don't have to hit many houses because we go to family and friends and they feel the need to make sure they are the one responsible for filling the kids' bags up. after going to our regulars we came home. we always go to the scary house. there is a guy who sits as still as possible. baylee walked past him looking at he stuffed guy holding a chain saw. baylee was sure this was the real guy and didn't pay any attention to the other guy. after baylee passed him, he turned his head. i called for baylee and he turned around. 'what? what?' you could hear the fear in his voice. baylee turned and was about to run when the guy stood up and baylee calmed down. so there was no major scare. the other two boys wanted nothing to do with this house period. but after the candy payton decided it wasn't so bad. what a kid will do for candy.

scary house.

baylee was persistant about passing out candy. so the boys and mattie sat outside waiting for trick or treaters. we ended up having quite a few. we even emptied one big bag. i know that some of that was due to the people in charge of passing out the candy. we took a break for pizza and then made our last stop. bruce and carolyn's house is always last because they have treats for daddy. so we stay there for a while and catch up with them. this year sara was in town so it made it extra special.

bruce and carolyn's house is always an adventure. tayte made a new friend in bruce and would not quit jumping in his lap-bruce will probably feel it in the morning. carolyn always good things to eat and funny stories to tell. you never leave your drink unattended or cody will get it. baylee learned a valuable lesson this time. cody loves glasses. baylee was walking past him and cody grabbed and ran. baylee stood there shocked. you always have to watch cody when you have glasses because he is quick.

we have four boys(ethan is spending the night) that have all had way too much candy and will probably never go to sleep tonight. but they had a blast and really that is what halloween is about. kids pretending to be someone they are not and getting candy. a totally commercialized holiday. and halloween would not be halloween without star wars costumes.


happy halloween

i don't know what it was about this morning. no one wanted to get up and going, except payton who doesn't have to be anywhere until 10. there was lots of pushing, a little yelling, to get out the door. we managed to get to school before the tardy bell rang. i am not a morning person and i don't like anything about starting a new day. once i get going things are better and by the evening i am in full swing of the day. however, the world does not agree with that. so for me i want to stay up past midnight, but have to get the boys to school by 8. not a good combination. i am very lucky that lee takes the boys to school most days. today he is meeting a guy in panhandle so wanted to sleep in. therefore i had to take the boys to school.

baylee woke up singing 'it's halloween, it's halloween.'

tayte and i had to race to get ready so he would get a move on. he is too much like his momma sometimes.

i forgot money for milk and had to leave again and apparently that freaked payton out.

hopefully the day starts getting better now.

hope everyone has a save and happy halloween. we will go trick or treating later and the boys are super excited. baylee is still pushing for someone to stay at home to pass out candy. right now i am voting for me.