Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: a year in review

2010 has been a great year for the ogletrees. we had a blast doing lots of different things. i had a few friends and family members post year in reviews posts and decided since i wasn't the best blogger this year i would do one as well. so hope you enjoy seeing our year in review.

payton had a cavity filled and no matter what i did i couldn't keep him from bitting his numb lip, so this is what happened. i felt horrible for him, because it looked like it hurt, and he remembered it for a while after.

baylee played 3rd-4th grade basketball with lee coaching again this year. each year he gets better and better. he scored a few times this season, but he is strongest at defense. he really got in the mix of things, fought for loose balls, and got banged around some. and enjoyed every minute of it.

this was tayte's first year of halftime basketball programs. he was so funny to watch. yes he is in the back row, which is the place for those with the least skill, but that's ok. when it was time to throw the ball up and clap he made sure to throw it just about a foot up, then you are almost guaranteed to catch it. and when it was time to tap the ball in between your legs from the front and back, he sat on the ball. again makes sure that danged ball won't get away from you.

january ended with a huge snow storm, so in true texas redneck fashion we brought out the 4 wheelers and went sledding. since i saw one of my cousins flip on a 4 wheeler, i have never been a big fan of them, but they are starting to grow on me. but, as a mom i was a nervous wreck the whole time the boys were on them. everyone had a ride or two.

lee holding payton for his ride.
i love this picture for 2 reasons: 1. it shows what a good dad lee is, and 2. it reminds me of my dad pulling us up and down royal road when we were little.

february we took a ski trip with some friends. there were 9 adults and 13 kids all staying in one cabin. it was a fabulous trip even with so many people in one place. it was super bowl weekend so we spent the first part skiing and the last part watching the game.
baylee is turning into quite a skier. we try to take him once a year and hopefully it shows. i went skiing for the first time 3 years ago and i am too slow for baylee and he doesn't want to have to wait for his momma.

this is tayte at ski school. he was in school both days we skied and it is a good thing. he really did like it even though it "made him tired."

we stayed in a ski-in ski-out cabin so it was easiest to take the lift up and ski home. so this is tayte skiing home after his second day of ski school. he made it home with no problems. and lee is taking all the in action pictures because i do good just to stay on my skis and would die if i dropped my camera when i crashed and burned because it isn't pretty when i fall.

baylee had his basketball program. each year the drills they do get more difficult, but it still is impressive how in sync everyone is.

and on february 28th baylee turned 9. he is growing up so fast and each day even though some of them are hard i am grateful to be his mom. he is a great kid, thoughtful, kind, caring, oh i could go on. he teaches me tons of stuff, and lots of it is that trivia that i really don't want to know but he tells me anyway. at least he's listening to someone.

i'm sure we did lots in the month of march and april, but since i couldn't find any pictures in my 20,000+ pictures i'm not sure what we did. lee had his birthday in march so that was the highlight of those months. and that was the calm before the storm, because i don't think we stopped in may.

to start may off tayte turned 6, may 10th to be exact. he has come so far in the last year. he has come out of his shell more. he still likes to stay at home and would rather play a video game than anything else. but, if you get him out and going he is the last one to want to go home. he is a middle child, but you really can't tell because he is just so easy going. and i can always count on a hug and an "i love you" at random times.

panhandle lost a local hero. a guy i went to high school with was killed while serving our country. i wanted the boys to witness his homecoming. what a sight that was. people lined the streets of panhandle so show support to the family.

one of the highlights of 3rd grade is the living museum. baylee had north dakota.

here he is reciting his "speech" to tayte.

we had the peewee track meet. a morning of running and this year and afternoon of playing in bouncers and games. neither boy came in first, but they didn't come in last either. but the smiles on their faces showed they had fun.

baylee got commended on both parts of the taks test. he really is a smart kid and we are so proud of him and his hard work. and he was so excited that he got to get an award at the ceremony. he really is growing up because he didn't want to sit with his parents, but with a group of friends.

lee coached tayte's t-ball team. we let tayte choose this year between basketball or t-ball and he chose t-ball. he really didn't want to play and towards the end of the season we had to force him to go to the games. he did have fun when he was at the games, it was just the getting there.
i get a photo like this every season of lee and whoever he is coaching. i love these photos.

tayte's "slide" home. he stopped right there and rolled the rest of the way home. it was the making of a good laugh.

we started our summer with a trip to visit lee's sister, angie, and her husband and kids. we went to schlitterban, floated the river (very different when you are doing it with kids), and just hung out at their house. we had a blast.
roasted weenies and made smores.

it was really too hot to being doing this, but we were determined to have smores.

june to me always reminds me of going to the farm and picking cherries. i guess it's because we always had a cherry cobbler for the 4th of july and you had to pick those cherries. there are a few things from my childhood that i make sure that the boys experience. picking cherries is one of those things. we went to the farm and picked as long as the boys could handle it. we probably got enough for 3-4 cobblers. not bad for using child labor. this one made me a little sad. one of the trees was cut down and i realized we may not get to pick cherries from the same tree i did as a child. but, as long as it's there we'll go pick cherries (after my aunt evelyn gets what she wants first).
the boys enjoyed it for a while, but the novelty wore off quickly.
then after you pick them you have to do something with them. i borrowed my aunt evelyn's cherry pitter and the boys went to town. again the novelty of this wore off quickly.

pit a few eat a few, pit a few eat a few.
and it just isn't a trip to the farm without playing on uncle donnie's tractors. it is so much more fun to play with life sized tractors that then ones you push around.
we went to the wells fargo company picnic. the highlight of the evening was the obstacle course. first was employees, lee and his partner mario made it to the finals.
there were some big guys on those little trikes. and one didn't make it through the evening.

then families could run the course. and i think i ran that thing a million times.

baylee and lee entered a father/son golf tournament. they won first place in the elementary school age division.
and boy do they look alike here.

summer was spent with sarah, the best babysitter ever. she took the boys swimming and let them just be kids and hang out at home.
and then school started.
baylee is in fourth grade and has the same homeroom teacher that he had in kindergarden.

tayte is in first grade.

and payton started pre-k. and he is so excited that he gets to eat in the cafeteria. he is so loving school.

and 2 days after school august 25th payton turned 4. i can't believe that my baby is 4. he is ornery, thoughtful, loving and did i mention ornery. he will give you a look like "i know you are not happy, but if i smile at you, you will think i'm still cute and not be so mad." he is stubborn too, but he makes my life so interesting and i wouldn't change it for anything.
the end of august was rough for me. i closed my store. it was something i struggled with for 18 months. i debated on whether i should close or wait for the economy to pick back up. it was one of the hardest choices i have ever had to make and still wish i had the store to go to. i miss all the ladies, and a few men, i met. i made some great friendships through the store, and those ladies where there for me during some of my toughest times in my personal life.

over labor day we went to angel fire to stay at a friend's cabin. it was tons of fun and again, lots of adults and tons of kids. we did lots of fun things. we went to red river and got to ride go carts, climb rock walls, ride a bull, and riding these bumper car things. on this trip there was fishing, hiking, and lots of just hanging out.

lee and the other dads had a bull riding contest. lee hung on tight but didn't win.
i let payton drive this thing and i was not feeling so well afterwards.
tayte got to join cub scouts this year. i am so excited to have 2 cub scouts. and i even volunteered to be tayte's den mother. it has been tons of fun for me as well. they learn so many valuable life lessons in scouting antayd i am glad to be a part of it.

tayte played flag football this year. he had a good season, he even pulled a couple of flags and loved it. he jumped up and down and almost didn't give the flag back. of course he messed around a lot and never was where he was supposed to be. and he would get one kid and stick with him instead of going after the ball. but not bad for his first year.
in october i drank the kool-aid and went on an acts retreat which was really a fabulous experience and i am glad my aunt nagged me to go.

halloween is always a fun time at our house. lee loves to carve pumpkins.

the boys were harry potter (and my blondie looked so different with black hair), spiderman, and jango fett.
november had my 33rd birthday, and hopefully the end of my birthday curse. baylee joined 4h this year. one of the activities he did was the food show. he got 1st in his division and will be going to the district show in february. thanksgiving was spent at lee's aunt carolyn and uncle bruce's house. with our telling them that we were expecting another baby. so much to be thankful for this year.
and december brings all things christmas. tayte and payton have been going to gymnastics and they had their christmas party there with them getting to play in both gyms.
tons of school parties, 4h parties, boy scouts parties, lee's work parties.
finding time to put up the tree and decorations. baylee and tayte had their school singing program.
baylee had a duet with his good friend andrew. and with a trip from santa. he said the boys had been good and left them tons for proof.

this year as you can see has been busy for us and next year will be just as busy. we have been very blessed this year. reflecting on it has been a great way to spend my new years eve. i hope everyone has a great new year.