Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"i had to go to the post office"

tayte had a rough day today at school. they were playing on the playground someone started throwing sand then some kid threw a rock. this is what happened according to tayte:

some kid threw a rock at me. his name starts with a c.
and it hurt. that's why you don't throw rocks.
and i had to find my teachers, because there was blood.
i was crying.
and i had to go to the post office.

according to his teacher she doesn't do blood and grabbed him and ran to the nurse's office. he was crying but was very brave. she kept telling me she was sorry. i told her that if it had to happen to someone's kid she would want it to be a parent like me. that is when she told me that was what she was thinking because with 3 boys i was probably used to blood. i was thinking more along the lines that i am laid back and realize that 4 year olds throw stuff and eventually someone will get hurt. so i don't really throw fits about my kiddo not being watched.

tayte is doing fine now and it was a good thing that nurse clay was at the "post office".