Monday, May 11, 2009

nutrition adventure

i told you we have been busy.
this is the last post for the day. and i will try to keep up. the last week of april until about now is so crazy busy at the store that i barely have time to think.

so nutrition adventure day is the last "wellness wednesday" of the year. each year they do a carnival type event that the kids have to go to each station before they can get their snack and call it done. there are several things the kids have to do. and yes most of them are with real food.
tic tac toe lemon toss

cucumber javalon throw
bell pepper toss
apple toss

grapefruit shot put
coconut bowling
melon weight lifting

potato sack race

tayte fell and was behind so the senior boy grabbed him, made him do super leaps so he could win.
carrot hop

strawberry race

then they have to put the foods on cards in the right place on the food pyramid.

then they can have their snack, but they also have to tell what food group it is in.
so i tell my kids not to play with their food and then they spend the whole day playing with food. this year baylee caught on and told me, "mom, i'm playing with the food." great. and i volunteer for this gig.

since we were up at the school we ate lunch with baylee and then the boys played outside. baylee waited at the swings yelling tayte's name so they could swing together. i am so proud of baylee. when most other kids would not want their kid brother bothering them baylee yells for him to come be with him. times like this i think lee and i must be doing something right.


world's biggest bunk bed

we just got the world's biggest bunk bed. or at least i think it is the biggest bunk bed. it is a full over full with a twin trundle. we spent just as much on the mattresses as we did on the bed itself. then we had bought new clone wars bedding. the boys loved the surpise, they didn't know that they were getting the clone wars sheets and comforters.
baylee never would stay put long enough to get a good picture.
i thought this would be the last time payton would be on the top because he hated it so much. but that night when we were going to sleep he decided to climb up and give tayte and baylee a kiss goodnight, twice.
woohoo. the first time he did this he hit the fan. that is the big fear. so wish us luck.

tayte turns 5

it is hard to believe that i now have 2 children over the age of 5. when we were at church yesterday father called all those who had a birthday that week to come to the front. first he had a hard time pronouncing tayte's name. he couldn't see how you could get tayte out of t-a-y-t-e. tayte was very excited to show everyone that he is a whole hand.

opening one of the many money filled cards.

his excited look after opening his new black ds. (this is the gift that keeps on giving because payton got tayte's old ds.)

after church we went to toys r us so he could get his raving rabbids tv video game he has been wanting. he also had enough money to get mario party ds. so 2 video games later we were leaving with one happy little boy. he had to put back the mario guy because he didn't have enough money. he really didn't have enough for the 2 games he got but lee and i pitched in.

i love these pictures. they are such an example of tayte's personality. sitting in toys r us looking at the video games. i wonder what is going through his head.

he is eating chocolate cake. he wanted birthday cake so while we were eating at chili's we let him pick the dessert. he picked the molten chocolate thing, but only had 2 bites. go figure.

this year tayte had very specific plans for his birthday: i want birthday cake in the living room with my friends and then we can play wii. remember this is the kid that nevers says anything. now if we can get him to change so we can have one party with his friend mackie. that way the moms can divide and conquer the party planning.
he is getting his birthday spankings here. every kid in class clapped and counted to five and one to grow on.

another thing he was very specific on was to have twinkies in class. don't know where that one came from. but he had them and loved throwing them at the kids in his class. one kid even told me "mrs. tayte, thanks for the snack." i think i make a good mrs. tayte.

in five years tayte has changed so much. he has always been a happy kid. even more so lately. he finds the simplest things funny. i love that about him. he sees something and belts out a large rolling laugh. he has grown so much in the last year. his speech is leaps and bounds better than when he started school. there is still room for improvement, but lots to be proud of. he is a kind caring kid. he truly tries to make his brothers happy. he is a great kid and i am lucky to share my mother's day festivities with him.
i love you tayte.

mother's day

we had a great mother's day. i hope all of you did as well.

we had a busy day: lot's of things to do and so little time. we went to church. i got a rose at church, which was way cool. after the boys got out of class we went to amarillo. it was tayte's birthday as well so we let him go spend his birthday money, so off to toys r us we went. for some strange reason there weren't many people at toys r us, i wonder why:) then to acadamy for baseball stuff for the boys, the season is starting and we need to be ready. then we went to eat. we put our name in and went to walmart to look for a video game. is it me or does anyone else notice a theme of this day revolving around boys and not the mother? after we ate we went to get mattresses for the new bunk bed set the boys got. finally, another trip to walmart to get twinkies for tayte to take to school. and a stop at gamestop to look for the same game that we looked for at the first walmart stop. then back home.

i really did have a great mother's day. the day started with payton laying in bed with me and asking if i would "cuddle me." you really can't beat that. baylee and tayte had made crafts at school.
tayte made a flower with his picture in the center.
baylee made a plate that says you this is what you remind me of a sweet summer's day. baylee had is teacher send a note home that they could only give to their dad's asking for $10 to get the plate made. pretty impressive. and a also got a kindle. i have been wanting one since i saw rachael's. i used to read a ton, but haven't made the time like a should. so, since lee thinks this is the worst gift he could have given me i have to prove him wrong. he thinks it is a waste of money. i downloaded my first book, michael j. fox's "always looking up: the adventures of an incurable optimist." there are several books i have been wanting to read, i'm just to lazy to go somewhere to get them. the kindle and me a perfect match. ask me again later if i am still using it. hehe.
ps. all the pictures used here were taken by baylee and tayte.