Tuesday, September 28, 2010

wowwie kazowie

i know it has been awhile since i posted. and i could post the worlds longest post to catch up, but i plan on posting a little about the last few months and what is going on now in the near future. so if you see a date in the title that is when the post actually happened.

since my last post i have closed the store. i officially closed august 28th, but didn't fully move out of there until september 12. that was the roughest 14 weeks of my life. working long hours. emotionally draining long hours. i decided months and months before i made my announcement, but it was new to everyone else and for them to take it in was hard. even though i had come to peace about it i had to help everyone else get to an ok place. many i think are still in denial.

moving out was tough too. physically draining. i have super friends that stayed and helped me. and some of my friends have super friends that came and helped also. i was truly amazed at how these people who don't know me spent their weekend moving stuff. i needed that to renew my faith in people.

but, now i am at home during the day. and anyone who had bets that i would be crazy bored by the end of the first month has lost the bet. i am in the process of cleaning out my house. decluttering. majorly. i don't think the kids are fully realized how big this is. they find some of the things i am doing, but until i hit their room, i don't think they will get it. so far the count is 3 LARGE trashcans to the dump and one car load of stuff to goodwill. sadly, that is just from the office and office closet. today's agenda: the living room.

i am amazed at how much i am in the car running errands and what-not. how did all this get done before? we have added some additional events to the calendar, but still....

so now that things have slowed a little and i am getting into a groove expect more frequent posts. and yes, i know i have said that before, you'll just have to check back to see if i am a liar or not.

happy cleaning,