Wednesday, November 9, 2011

thankful: day 9

i am thankful for my life and my birthday.  i have had so many people wish me well wishes today that i am truly overwhelmed.  my day has been perfect!  nothing extravagant, but absolutely perfect.  to start the day i had my 4 favorite boys wake me up and be the first ones to wish me happy birthday.  i love when they are the first ones.  i got a homemade card shaped like a heart, the rest of the paper that the heart was cut out of, and a store bought card wishing me a happy 7th birthday with 2 of tayte's friends' names in it.  "because payton wanted to give you that one."  so i am 7 with 4 boys, one of which is 10.  don't do the math on that one, it's kind of embarrassing.  then after kayson decided he was not going to go back to sleep and was fussy, i got up to start the day.  the next time someone sends my infant a memo about not being fussy and sleeping in on mommy's birthday please read it to him!  i went to amarillo for my bible study which was a great way to get my day in gear, starting with learning more about God's plan for people!  had lunch with lee and some good conversation.  came home tried to sneak in a nap, but kayson foiled that plan too.  got all my kids and the extras i pick up where they needed to be.  went back to amarillo for guitar and gymnastics.  got whataburger for dinner-my favorite fast food joint.  then it was hot tub time with some girl friends.  so i didn't get my 5 minutes of alone time, but i did get 3 hours of girl time which is so much better.  read over 100 messages on facebook throughout the day.  and the last few i got had some typos, so it makes me wonder if they were having hot tub time of their own.  :p  34 is starting out pretty dang good.


p.s.  for a few years i had the before my birthday curse.  during those years something bad always happened sometime during the week before my birthday.  for the last 2 years it hasn't happened so i think the curse has ended.  and for that i am eternally grateful!