Friday, June 26, 2009

tayte update

so tayte's official diagnosis was he had a seizure. we don't know the cause of it and may never know. he fell out of a golf cart on saturday and hit his head pretty good. one doctor said it could be related another thought 4 days was a long time to have something manifest.

one thing i learned through this was that every sign you have ever been told about head injuries are not absolute. he showed not signs of anything, no unconsciousness, no vomiting, no head aches, and he remembers everything about the fall and the time after. so 4 days later he has his seizure, not the 24 hours that most think are the hours of concern.

how he reacted during his seizure was also something lee and i had never thought about. he didn't start shaking like we thought. he just kinda spaced out, couldn't focus on us for long. he couldn't speak no matter how hard he tried to get the words out. his speech was slurred and he had to fight to get the words out. there also was a long pause every time he was asked a question. it was definitely hard for the question to process and for him to get his answer out.
his right arm hung to his side, he was swaying from side to side, he was not able to keep his eyes in one place and he couldn't walk steady. it reminded me of all the things you here about a stroke victim having, but really can a 5 year old have a stroke?

right now he is as normal as he has ever been, with one exception: he cried when he couldn't jump on the trampoline. usually we have to force him outside to play, but maybe this change will stick. all his speech and motor skills are back to normal. we will never know what the cause was unless he has another seizure. then they will treat him for that other than a one time thing.

i am grateful that he really doesn't remember much about it. i asked him that first night if he knew why he was in the hospital. "i was trying to make my words and they wouldn't let me." he doesn't remember being in pain and he doesn't remember all the prepping the nurses did when we first got there. he was such a trooper throughout the whole thing. he did tell one nurse after she took his vitals for about the 4th time, "you've already done that." he really doesn't forget much.