Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tayte's graduation

panhandle doesn't have a kindergarten graduation, so this was our first time going through graduation with a child. i almost got choked up.

he looks so handsome.
i was very afraid that he wasn't going to walk down the aisle to the stage. he stopped twice to look at everyone and with nudging from his teacher he finally made it down to the stage. when he got up there he stood. they sang 7 or so songs and and tayte sang one and then stood the rest of the time. that was the first time i heard him sing all year. everytime i asked him about the songs at school he says they are too hard and he can only do them in his classroom. he messed with his lips, hit his ear with his hand. did everything to show that he was not enjoying this at all. then out of the blue he fell off the stands. one of his teachers was standing on the side of the stage so she helped him up without much fuss. if you ask him about graduation he will tell you "and i fell." the sad part is that it didn't even phase him that he fell. he didn't really care.
here he is getting his diploma.
afterwards they came out to the seats to find their parents. he had his diploma like this for the final song and the kid behind him kept telling him, "tayte stop it." lee wanted him to sing more. i was just glad that he stayed up there the whole time. he really doesn't like things like this, but he was a trooper.

foam soap

ok, we got some of that bath and body works foam soap. i thought it was crap because i couldn't get it to spray. i tried and tried but finally put it under the cabinet and left it there ( i have issues with throwing things out-i think in a past life i lived in the great depression). so payton found it and got it to work. i think there was too much stuff in there and when enough was pushed out you could shake it and really get it to work. we have 2 more bottles to test my theory.

here are some pictures of the boys with this stuff. it really is kinda cool.
here payton is shooting it at tayte.
tayte was not too happy about having it in his head.

payton thought it was cool to have it on his head.

here is a blob of the soap.
then i set the bottle down and it took on a life of its own. and it would not stop spraying for a long time.

pee wee track meet

every year panhandle has the pee wee track meet. this is serious business, they keep records and everything.
baylee is halfway down the line here. he is running either the 50 or 75 yard dash. the kid would have a better chance of getting in the top 20 if he could run a straight line. he is not the quickest kid, but he has the heart to be good.
each kid has to pick 3 field events. this year baylee chose softball throw, bean bag toss, and hoola hoop. he had lots of fun which explains the lack of ribbons won. last year he did the frisbee toss and the wind caught it and it hit me while i was taking pictures. this year he chunked a softball at me, so maybe last year's wasn't an accident like i thought.

he got 4th in the hoola hoop contest, 3rd gets a ribbon. i had no idea he could hoola hoop.

the pre-k went out to watch the festivities. it was really funny because his teacher has a first grader. when she ran by all the kids jumped up, went to the side of the track, and cheered her on. then they all went and sat down on their letter.

baylee loving on payton. no matter what baylee can't get enough hugs from his brothers. he doesn't care that he is in front of all his friends at school.

they also had their teacher tie-dye their shirts. they went around all day calling themselves the cheese team.
and of course the day ended with popsicles while they waited in the stands for the relays.

lee left with the other two boys so baylee and i walked home. every "flower" that baylee found he picked for me. i ended up with quite a bouquet by the time we got home.


i didn't fall off the face of the blogosphere

it has been forever since i have posted anything, but that is because we have been busy (you'll see from all the posts that will follow).

to start off we had the boy scout cake auction. since this was our first one we (i) went overboard. i decided that i was out of my mind and was going to make an upright cake, i have never baked an upright cake. and i have never decorated a cake with icing except for the generic cover the top.

so i saw this rocket cake in a cookbook and decided that i was going to try to make it. here i proof that i made it myself.
baylee helped because it was for boy scouts. he wasn't too thrilled about putting the red hots on the cake but he did it without too much complaining.
here is the finished cake. that is a clear cup that makes the "cockpit" for the star wars guys.
the money that is made goes to help send the boys to camp. they had a lot of cakes, but not to many buyers. we bought 3 cakes. our cake went for the most $160. yes i was bidding on it too. the other cake in this picture went for $150. most of the other cakes were going for $30-40. they did end up making over $1000, so not too bad. i was super excited, i wanted my cake to go for the most. now i have to come up with one for next year.