Wednesday, March 11, 2009

maybe just maybe

i tried pharmacy school-correction, i had thought about pharmacy school. i started the pre-reqs for pharmacy school and decided that chemistry and i were not friends. so i went on to other things.

see how much fun he is having. maybe....

the other day we were at the pharmacy, tayte and his friend mackie were playing pharmacy. for those of you who don't know mackie's dad bought the pharmacy. mark and lee grew up together and have known each other their entire lives, so it is fun that their kids will have a similar experience.

anyway, i hope that maybe one day... maybe one day he will follow in papa's footsteps. he reminds me so much of my dad as it is.

maybe tayte will be a grown man counting pills for real.

and they were counting mints, not pills.


what is the deal?

i don't know what it is. if he hears the water running in he comes. does he feel the need to go in there while i take a bath? does he think i will get lonely and need someone to talk to while i bathe? well tonight i was really in for a surprise.

he decided he would help me get undressed. i have been doing that for a while now and i can handle it on my own. but he insisted he help.

and this is the night my 2 year old undressed me.

didn't see that one coming did you? he kept saying "heppa you." apparently he is more like his daddy than i thought, trying to get my clothes off.

but he did pick them off the floor and put them in the dirty clothes so i was excited about that. and no there are no pictures to document this event in our lives.