Saturday, March 28, 2009

stuck in

yesterday we were stuck inside. lee had been pestering me to keep the store closed. they keep saying it is going to be bad. when i woke up yesterday i heard the sleet hitting my windows. plus they had closed pantex. if they didn't want people going to pantex then who in their right mind would go to a scrapbook store. panhandle by the way did not cancel school. i think we were one of the few places that didn't, but they did let all the kids go at noon. that meant that lee went to pick up tayte at 11 and then had to be back up there at noon to get baylee. lee did manage to go the the grocery store and taylors after picking up both kids because he forgot something at both stops the first time.
so, since we were stuck inside all day i got a lot of things done: washed 1 load of regular laundry, 4 loads of sheets and put them back on the beds, cooked 2 meals (both of them without meat-that was tough lee and i really wanted stew), watched grey's anatomy with lee, played board games with the little boys, and spent hours in lego hell. i have put this blasted thing together 3 times now. i think it took me a good 6-8 hours, i swear it has a million pieces and we are only missing like 6 this time. it is going on a shelf never to be taken down again, so help me.

today, as everyone has said the snow was short lived. we went to amarillo for a fundraiser (sorry, rebecca i didn't know about it when i talked to you). and spent a couple of hours at jump-n-jive. the boys really had a good time after being cooped up all day yesterday. we took archer with us and some of the people kept looking at him and then they would see payton and that really freaked them out. baylee got his face painted camouflaged and the guy who did it was pretty good. tayte found the biggest slide and spent the majority of the time there. payton and archer both stayed at one place for 2 minutes and then moved on to the next thing. lee and i chased the 2 little ones around. archer kept telling every kid "no no" when they went where he was going. we left with one 3 fits, 1 cookie, 3 brownies, 1 bag of cotton candy, 7 hot dogs (8 if yu count the one that fell), and no owies, not to bad if you ask me.
one of the 3 fits. he is gonna love that one later in life. or is it me that will love it later in life?
this is the little slide that tayte found, not the one he spent most of the day. the best was when he put is hood on and went down the slide 50 times that way. he was yelling "cannonball" we hear that a lot at our house.
baylee was a great big brother at jump-n-jive. he kept helping payton up this slide as many times as payton wanted.
payton would yell cannonball and go head first down this slide, with baylee quickly following and crashing into him.
here is archer he really loved this bouncer. i didn't post the picture with his fit.
we had to hurry home so we could play in the quickly melting snow. we usually have snow long after everyone else's has melted away, but not today. it was all melting fast.
camo baylee throwing snowballs at lee (i think this could be the first ever camo painted snowball fight, he got painted for war.)
lee getting one of the boys.
lee had thrown a snowball at lee and if fell in baylee's hood.
here is tayte throwing a snowball at lee. i love to see tayte smile. when he smiles you just really see the joy.
payton showing me his snowballs. he has been wearing this hat a lot lately and it cracks me up. one minute he has it down like this over his eyes and the next he has it up resting on his head.
payton and tayte going at it. i think they are so close in age that they don't remember life without the other and they do so much together. lee and baylee were at it and these two went off on their own and took a slower approach to snowball fighting.
we didn't stay outside long. the wind was still freezing. but we all had fun and that is what matters.