Monday, February 16, 2009

random sayings by the boys

i have been meaning to post some of these for a while now.

  • pluh play = push play
  • mau milk = chocolate milk
  • fli fli = chocolate
  • frink pepier = drink of dr. pepper
  • had you = hold you


  • wudie = movie
  • tayte is growing up so he is using big boy phrases: the other night baylee was pestering him so he looked at baylee and said "knock it off" we all started laughing because it was funny hearing that out of a little body


  • he is really into music so he has been singing a lot lately, my favorite is beyonce's put a ring on it. i don't know if that is the title or not but that is what he was singing "if you liked then you shoulda put a ring on it, if you liked then you shoulda put a ring on it. oh oh oh..." that cracked me up.

i will add to this post later.



why is it that they boys can go from punching each other one minute to loving and hugging the next? they really do get along really well. they have been in a funk lately. i think that has to do with the bodily explosions (from both ends) that all the boys have had during the last week or so. they are better now, but there is the lingering whining that comes with being sick.

five minutes ago payton was hitting tayte. then payton fell and wanted me to hug him. so i was holding him and tayte decided he needed to be held. so i was holding both of them. payton didn't like that and wanted down, but after i started patting tayte's back payton decided he needed to help. he needed to love on tayte and hug him. i guess payton decides he needs to make up for being ugly and will love on tayte.

i really feel sorry for tayte. he is so much bigger than payton, but payton gets the best of him at least once a day. tayte doesn't liked to be screamed at and payton does it a lot, i think just to aggravate tayte. but, payton will try to be nice. he always wants to help wash tayte's hair, give him a cookie, or anything little like that.

i don't get brothers, they fight and then love. why does there have to be so much fighting?