Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's a small blogosphere after all

ok. my first weird blog connection.

my friend tammy started a blog. she follows three blogs: mine, karen russell (scrapbook celeb) and kari's. i know kari so i decided to see what they have been up to since they moved. i was looking at her blog list. there was one that stood out, so i click on it. i thought the name looked familiar and sure enough it was one i had seen before. it is the blog of jen's (my cousin's wife) friend from forever. that is not the only blog they have in common:
the pioneer woman
patiently waiting for heaven
and now my blog.

i had no idea that jen and kari would be linked at all, but to have several blogs that they both are interested in still is crazy to me.





what was i thinking?

kelley's girlfriend's son, jayden, had a birthday party at western bowl. we have never taken the boys bowling, but i decided to take them. it wouldn't have been a big deal except lee is out of town until wednesday. so i, the single mom of 4 days, decided to go to this party. i am really glad we went the boys had a blast and i got some great pictures. the poor lady who's son played with us. the boys weren't bad. they just were going 90 mph the entire time. i never sat down. it worked out really well that all of our kids were together. mackie, caden, tayte, and wyatt were on one lane. baylee, payton, will (poor lady's son), and leah were on the other lane. so we were on the end together. away from the majority of the people. the boys had a blast. for the most part. i had a 3:1- kid:adult ratio. so i really messed up the odds. everyone one else had a better ratio so when they could they did help out. this is what happens when 7 kids bowl with 4 adults supervising. at least to my kids.

payton wouldn't quit pushing the balls trying to get them in the hole they come out of.

tayte hurt his hand within the first 5 minutes of us being down by the lanes.

baylee was my lifesaver. if it wasn't for him i wouldn't have gotten to take any pictures. he kept helping payton get his ball up on the rack so he could push it down. he is growing up too fast. i did tell all the boys before we left the car to stay with me, but that was all. baylee saw that i could use some help and without me asking really showed what a great big brother he can be.
around frame 8 payton had a meltdown and was done.
tayte hated bowling, then he liked it, then he hated it again. at least thats what he said in the car.
baylee wanted to keep playing after our game so he became everyone. at least until we went to play video games.

baylee and caden each had a strike. payton, mackie, caden, and wyatt each had a spare. pretty impressive since they are all under the age of 4 except baylee. caden won by a lot, then wyatt, mackie and finally tayte. for the other lane i think baylee won, then will, leah and payton (not sure on this one because i didn't get to see the final frame).

all in all we had fun and i will do it again. after a long rest-kinda like childbirth, to forget the pain. and when their daddy can come.