Wednesday, April 22, 2009

someone is using all my tampons

i never thought i would have to worry about someone using my tampons. but, i do. payton has decided it is his mission in life to open every tampon i own and pull them apart. i walked into the playroom today to check on him and found the box of tampons. paper, applicators, and cotton everywhere. it looked like a war zone. at least he left me a few.


a little clarification

i guess i should have been more specific when i said i wanted people to leave comments on my blog. i should have said, "i would love for people to leave comments in english, on my blog." so if anyone is fluent in spanish (i believe the message is in spanish) and can translate that message i would love it. thanks.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st, 3rd, and youngest

we walked away today with 1st place in the wolf division, 3rd place in the outlaw (those not in boy scouts) division, and a trophy for the youngest racer. baylee had said that if we won a trophy they could share. so when we won 3 the boys were super excited.

our trophies and cars

baylee and tayte watching the big "screen" with the times. it really was the the side of the barn

they had to countdown before each race "3,2,1...go" and payton counted down each time.

everyone with their trophies
everyone who raced
baylee's car is number 8 and payton's the yellow one right next to it. lee worked hard on those cars and his hard work paid off. he was happy. but the part that made him the happiest was how excited tayte got. tayte doesn't get really excited about many things, so when he does we are all happy.

Friday, April 17, 2009

100th post, 100 things about me

here goes... hopefully you learn something new about me and you don't get board in the process.

  1. my full name tara brooke conrad ogletree
  2. i was born november 9, 1977
  3. i am the third child of six
  4. my favorite color is blue
  5. i attended 11 schools or colleges
  6. my bachelor degree is in general studies (lame i know)
  7. i graduated from wtamu (waste of time and money university-no offense to anyone, my personal opinion) on august 19, 2002
  8. i started teaching high school math later that week-i was hired after they had already started the year so i missed a couple of in-service days
  9. i have worked as a babysitter, waitress, daycare teacher, soda jerk, pharmacy tech, cashier at a grocery store, manager of 2 departments at that grocery store, math teacher, and finally own my own scrapbook store
  10. i met lee on his birthday march 12, 1995
  11. i was a junior in high school
  12. we got married august 22, 1998
  13. i wasn't even legal to drink at my own wedding
  14. we have been married almost 11 years-most of those have been amazing, the rest good, one not so sure
  15. we had our first son, baylee kyler ogletree february 28, 2001
  16. our second son, tayte konrad ogletree may 10, 2004
  17. our third son, payton konner ogletree august 25, 2006
  18. i miss my dad every day
  19. i really enjoy scrapbooking
  20. i hope to build a house one day
  21. that day will be after lee and i get out of debt because i don't want to have to skimp on the things i want
  22. i love my kids more than anything in the world (equally as much as lee just differently)
  23. i love how everyone starts a blog the same way, some version of "well here goes..."
  24. i wish more people would leave comments on my blog
  25. i need to be better about leaving comments on blogs
  26. i watch entirely too much tv
  27. i enjoy playing board games with my kids, or really anyone that will play
  28. my favorite actors are john travolta and robin williams
  29. i listen to all types of music, but right now prefer country
  30. i still have some of the toys from my childhood
  31. the first record i ever owned was toni basil "mickey"
  32. i played basketball in high school
  33. when i was a freshman we won state (in the private school league) and i got to play in the game
  34. i was the starting point guard my sophomore year (not my favorite position and i got it by default, i was the only one who could dribble decently)
  35. i won the mustang award that year-the highest athletic honor you could get-others nominated were a senior girl (she played volleyball-the other sport offered-and a senior) and a junior girl- i didn't think i had a snowball's chance of winning
  36. since i didn't think i would win i didn't prepare a speech. i had to give one and cut it short when i looked at my dad and saw him crying
  37. when i first went to ut i thought i had lost my mind and was sick for the first week-then realized it was the best decision i had made that far
  38. i graduated 4th in my high school class of 56
  39. i hate cleaning my house
  40. my favorite food is a hamburger and fries
  41. i am a self proclaimed smart ass
  42. one of my favorite movies is "what dreams my come"
  43. i think i believe in past lives
  44. i stopped going to church when i was in college
  45. i started back when we moved here and i wanted to make sure my kids grew up in the church
  46. i wear contacts-glasses since kindergarten, contacts since high school
  47. my parents never gave me a car, they let me drive one when i was at home
  48. i went to college without a car
  49. i wear jeans almost daily
  50. my favorite dessert is a powerful towerful-minus the strawberries add extra bananas and nuts- from malcolm's
  51. i want to see the lion king on broadway
  52. the beaches of mexico are my favorite vacation spot
  53. i tried to get published in a scrapbook magazine-actually it was a contest- so maybe i should try a smaller
  54. i want an amazon kindle
  55. i want to go to cku (scrapbook thing)
  56. i suck at name that song games, really any type of trivia like that
  57. my goal is to be completely out of debt in less than 5 years
  58. i hope to be able to keep my kids out of the same mistakes i have made
  59. in 3 years i will have been with lee for half my life
  60. my favorite donut is a raspberry filled
  61. i hate shopping for clothes
  62. i hate being cold-which i am most of the time
  63. i am allergic to penicillin and sulfa drugs
  64. i hope to have a fourth child
  65. since i got my iphone i have become a texting fool
  66. i am not very tolerant of stupid people
  67. i joined facebook and now am addicted
  68. people never cease to amaze me
  69. my teacher's certification had expired so if i ever go back to teaching i will have to retake the tests
  70. i only had one semester of calculus in college-i dropped the second semester once
  71. i don't like oatmeal-i think it is the texture thing
  72. i sleep too much
  73. i am very stern with my kids
  74. i used to read all the time as a kid
  75. when i build my house i want a hot tub outside-with an door from my bedroom
  76. i sometimes wonder if i have conrad blood because i am not a big fan of beer
  77. i love the time i spent with my grandma learning how to make stockings
  78. i have made 2 stockings and need to make payton's so we can all have one
  79. making stockings is not my favorite thing
  80. sometimes i wish i was more patient with my kids
  81. i love taking pictures of our everyday lives
  82. i hang on to stuff for too long
  83. i have had one garage sale and it will be the only one-i will give everything else away
  84. i am proud of all the things lee has done and grateful to be along for the ride
  85. i am proud of my kids and all the things they have done
  86. i hope to instill a sense of desire in my kids-to always want more for themselves, to always do better
  87. i need to learn how to say no
  88. i hope someone invents time travel
  89. i want to take the kids on a disney cruise
  90. i do not like the outside
  91. my husband thinks i have a great ass
  92. i can't go anywhere in a car without falling asleep unless i am driving
  93. i didn't go to my eighth grade graduation
  94. i have read all the harry potter books
  95. i'm not a big fan of flying
  96. i graduated high school in 1996
  97. i don't remember the last movie i saw in a theatre it has been that long
  98. i will not drink wine ever again
  99. when i couldn't sleep i would lay in bed and think about what to type
  100. this wasn't as bad as i thought it would be-i think it only took me a little over an hour

hope you enjoyed


big day tomorrow

tomorrow is the pinewood derby. the boys (i mean lee) has been working on these cars for weeks. he wants them to be perfect. he has studied the best things to do to improve your car. he works on them everynight for hours. he has a baby wipes box with a board on it to make sure the cars drive straight. all the boys are supposed to be helping but they are watching tv. baylee grabs the car and hands it back to lee so he can adjust the wheels.

so, tomorrow afternoon our lives go back to normal. will post more about that in a few days.


p.s. my next post will be my 100th post, i have noticed you are supposed to say 100 things about yourself (hence the major slowdown on posting). but i think i am ready. wish me luck, i may start it tonight.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

a conversation with tayte

tayte's birthday is in less than a month. i was asking him what he wanted for his birthday and this is our converstion:
  • what do you want for your birthday
  • sonic and the dark knights and sonic the hedgehog...for the wii
  • oh, where do you get those?
  • from the place we were
  • where's that?
  • that place where they have games
  • and what is that place? (he doesn't give much information easily)
  • the place that has games and you and dad don't work there. where those guys are
  • what guys?
  • the workers
  • what's the name?
  • toys r us or walmart
  • is that all walmart has? (i wanted to see what he would say)
  • no they has walmart stuffs

and that was the end. walmart stuffs.


Monday, April 6, 2009

basketball is here

baylee is playing in the k thru 2 basketball again this year. he has played every year since kindergarden and lee has been his coach every year. he is finally the big guy on the team and he played like it. in their first game he scored a basket. an actual, through the hoop basket earning his team 2 points. these kids play on high school regulation goals, so if the ball hits the rim it is one point if it goes through 2 points. i am so proud of how much baylee has improved. he definitely acted like the older player. plus this year lee really pushed him and practiced with him daily. he was super aggressive and stole the ball and knocked it away from the other kid.

baylee at tip off. this will never happen again. have you seen this kid's parents? baylee actually tipped it and it went to our team #2.

baylee bringing the ball down. lee really tried to get him to drive in more.

baylee hustling down court.

tayte watching, insisting on hanging over the rail.

tayte and payton both watching and insisting on hanging on the rail. i really hope that when they build the new gym the stands are floor level. i have a love/hate relationship with that rail. i love it for safety, but hate it for several reasons. the boys love to hang on it and it makes me nervous and the boys love to sit on the bottom row and the danged thing is always in my picture taking way.

payton having enough and wanting to go down with lee.

baylee's team lost the first game, won the second and lost the last. but, baylee got a medal it was a "bronze color" according to baylee.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

day in the life of payton

payton never stops. ever. this is some of what happened today.

after picking tayte up from school i told the boys i was taking a bath. payton saw this as his chance. i come downstairs and this is what i find.

he managed to take 1 bite out of 6 apples or more. i don't know why he has to eat out of every apple we have in the house. he bites them and then spits the skin out on the floor. so not only is every apple eaten out of there is apple skin everywhere. everyone had an apple for an afternoon snack.

there is now a belt on the fridge door to keep him out.

i walked past the boys room and heard a noise. i stopped in to see what was going on. i saw payton at their bookshelf reading.

as soon as he saw me he wanted to get closer.

so he sat on the floor. i laid down to get a better angle and he copied me.

he read the book front to back. he scooted closer everytime i tried to get farther back to get a better picture.

here is the page he read to me: "mountain, kirkle, gape" translation: mountain, circle lake, gate.