Saturday, January 17, 2009


apparently i have found that i have several addictions. most of them are harmless. most of them are only funny to me. i have been at the store all night making comments about one of my addictions.

  • dr. pepper
  • flair on facebook (yes i have joined all other 30 something losers who are on facebook)
  • sleep
  • checking email, blog, and facebook-a couple of times a day, or maybe and hour.

i also have decided that i have adult add. this is not diagnosed by a dr. i have self diagnosed this and am very sure that i have this. the other thing could be that i am turning in a snarky old woman. i am really to young to be as snarky as i am. i think some of it, or really most of it is, my personality. i don't have the patience for a bunch of stuff. and maybe i should work on that. or maybe not.

another random thing is watching the boys playing wii. i love watching them play. it is so funny to watch them. baylee swings the remote and looks like he is riding a pretend horse. tayte runs in place any time that he has to run with the controllers. payton thinks he can do anything that his brothers can do so he is constantly fighting for a controller. i love it. i am so glad we got the wii. we spend tons of family time on it. santa really knew what he was doing.