Wednesday, April 1, 2009

day in the life of payton

payton never stops. ever. this is some of what happened today.

after picking tayte up from school i told the boys i was taking a bath. payton saw this as his chance. i come downstairs and this is what i find.

he managed to take 1 bite out of 6 apples or more. i don't know why he has to eat out of every apple we have in the house. he bites them and then spits the skin out on the floor. so not only is every apple eaten out of there is apple skin everywhere. everyone had an apple for an afternoon snack.

there is now a belt on the fridge door to keep him out.

i walked past the boys room and heard a noise. i stopped in to see what was going on. i saw payton at their bookshelf reading.

as soon as he saw me he wanted to get closer.

so he sat on the floor. i laid down to get a better angle and he copied me.

he read the book front to back. he scooted closer everytime i tried to get farther back to get a better picture.

here is the page he read to me: "mountain, kirkle, gape" translation: mountain, circle lake, gate.