Sunday, November 9, 2008

luck was on our side

last night was st. francis' steak night and reverse draw. whenever we go to one of these type of events lee is always in the top. right before any money is given his name is drawn. again such is the case except this time he was out quite a bit earlier than usual. anyway, they have a calcutta. everyone's name is written on a board. each board is given a letter. the object of the game is to be the last name drawn, then you win the big money. because that is not enough they auction off each of these lettered boards. now the object is to buy the board your name is on and be the last person drawn. but if you are not the last name drawn you want to own the board of who ever is the last person drawn. then you win some money. so lee and i along with 4 other couples bought a board (technically, i bought in on 2 boards) and our board won. so each couple cleared $300+. yeah us. if i was to choose the board to win it was this one the other board would have only been $100+. so finally luck was on our side.


my birthday

today was my birthday. nothing exciting happened. i got calls from lee's mom, grandma, angie, and scott(2 separate calls), rachael (with all her gang chiming in), and amber. i spent most of the day being a bed potato. it was a hard day. not due to my age, but the time of year. again another first. we are getting closer to when these dang firsts are over. lee even asked me if i was depressed. i know i am not. i heard someone say once that the difference between depression and sadness. is that with depression nothing matters and with sadness everything matters. so i am sad and my sadness gets not so sad every day.

when i came home the other day baylee told me he got something he shouldn't have gotten. i was scared to find out what it was. he led me to the kitchen where he handed me a letter. even more nervous i opened it. it was a letter to michael's birthday party. which was today. he was afraid i would be sad if he went somewhere else for my birthday. i lucked out with such a sweet caring kid. so he spent a couple of hours at the birthday party.

we ended the night with family movie night. this is something that we recently started. we all sit down and watch a movie together. i really like it. we are together as a family which is great. i hope this becomes such a family tradition that it stands the test of growing children.