Thursday, November 17, 2011

thankful: day 17

i am thankful for the great insurance we have had.  i never really realized how great our insurance was until we had to look at the options for next year.  there are major changes to the insurance lee has had at the bank for the last 11 years.  our premiums are maybe high, i think, but i don't really have much to compare it too.  we pay about $400 a month but that's for a family of 6 so to me it's not too bad.  it starts day one paying 80% on all claims, 100% on preventative care visits.  and after reaching a $5,000 deductible for the family (i'm not sure what the individual deductible is) it's covered 100%.  well...i have had a baby by c-section: which leads to a higher service and longer hospital stay.  tayte has had an overnight stay in the pedi-icu, 2 mris, 2 eegs, 1 cat scan, 1 mra, 1 emergency room visit, and 1 ambulance ride.  plus we put tayte in speech and occupational therapy this summer.  and we have YET to meet our deductible.  and now i have to have an umbilical hernia repaired and probably still will not meet the deductible.  so next year someone please remind me that i need to be thankful for any insurance that we have because not everyone has it.