Thursday, November 6, 2008

brothers gotta love

we are lucky that baylee has p.e. right when tayte gets out of school. we are lucky that we live in a small town where it is ok for the boys to stop and talk to each other at school. so each day all three boys get to see each other for a minute. that is baylee in the middle. baylee is a great big brother. he is kind, caring, and worries about the happiness of his brothers. he is getting to the age when it is not cool to hug your brother in public. but baylee will even kiss each boy before he goes back inside. he is a great role model for his younger brothers. i have tried hard to teach him that no matter what he does they are watching him. they learn from him. i see tayte treat payton the same way that baylee treats the boys. i know that is a lot to put on a kid but he does a fabulous job.

payton anxiously waits for tayte and baylee. he really looks up to his older brothers. he misses them while they are in school. he wants to go to school so badly already. i think it is because he wants to be where the boys are.

when we are at home he refuses to get ready until i tell him we have to get tayte. then there is no stopping him. at school he runs around inside and out looking for tayte. as soon as he sees the kids coming he runs through the crowd until he finds his brother. each day they run towards each other give each other a hug before i get a hug. you can tell they really miss each other. it is like they haven't seen each other in days. but it is only 3 hours.

if nothing else i hope i raise boys who can show their affection for others. i hope they realize how lucky they are to have each other. friends may come and go, but they will be brothers for life. i hope they always treat each other the way they do now. i hope in twenty years i have a picture just like this. maybe minus the "pack pack." every day i am grateful for these boys. so far i think lee and i are doing a pretty good job at this parenting thing.

mmmm... bite....mmmm

the other day when i got home from work payton decided i wasn't big enough to feed myself. so he grabbed my fork and fed me. each time:





then when i was ready to feed myself he got mad and we played tug-o-war with the fork. i finally won and got to eat. luckily for me my food wasn't too cold.