Sunday, January 4, 2009

grandma "if it is permitted"

i went to visit my grandma today. she looked tons better than when she was in the hospital. she may be around longer than the doctors thought. they don't really know grandma. she is in worse shape than when i visited her last month at my aunt's house. she is hard to hear, her breathing is not strong, and she can't move. it is funny one of my aunts said it bothered her when grandma slouched to the side. she looked so uncomfortable. grandma never complained.

everyone one is putting in their requests for my grandma to do when she gets to heaven. my aunt cindy wants her to kick my dad in the butt, aunt evelyn wants her to tell some of her friends she is still here, and others have put in their wishes. grandma will listen and then say i will do that "if it is permitted." she is not about to go to heaven and break the rules. she will find out what the way of heaven is before she goes around doing anyone's wish.

my boys got to see her. we could have spent all day there and no one complained. that is one of the hardest things about hospitals is that the kids aren't allowed to be around. they didn't get to be around my dad like this. i wish they had been able to say their goodbyes to their grandparent like i have been able to. but on the other hand when we first got there you could tell that the boys were uncomfortable by how sickly my grandma looked. i was so proud of them when it came time to go that they went up to her and kissed and hugged her goodbye without any fuss. we have been training them for awhile, they never get to leave without telling someone goodbye.

gotta go finish dinner-"if it is permitted"