Saturday, April 24, 2010

what a couple of days

it all started wednesday night. lee was packing to go to houston for business. he said he doesn't think he could be the kind of guy that traveled all the time. i am glad, we really would miss him. tayte heard him say he was getting on a plane. that was tragedy #1. lee came into our room and told me i needed to go calm tayte down. what i wanted to say was why don't you, why can't you think of the things needed to be heard that will calm a 5 year old. but i got tayte to come into our room so we wouldn't freak out the other two. he was really upset that lee was going to be gone. i asked tayte why he never cried like this when i was going to be gone, but tayte's response was, "i do sometimes." i attempted to pull out pictures of when we went to disneyland so he could see that flying wasn't so bad. so after talking to him and realizing he just really loves his daddy we got him to quit crying and go to sleep. it wasn't some freaky kid premonition just the thought of missing daddy.

about 1 in the morning lee wakes up to puking noises. it was payton. and luckily lee got payton to the restroom before having throw up everywhere. lee got up the first couple of times and then i took over. not by choice but i think lee was so tired he didn't hear it. that happened about every 1-1.5 the rest of the night. tragedy #2.

lee's flight left at 7:45. so i had school duty. i would normally consider that tragedy #3, but we'll not for now. i dropped the boys off at school and headed back home to hop on the wii fit. then it was off to work. being the great mom that i am i gave a bucket to payton and told him that if he was going to throw up he better do it in the bucket and not in the car. we made it to lakeside. i got a phone call from the school. tayte had thrown up and he said his little brother had been throwing up. tragedy #3. got rachael to cover opening the store and turned around. got to the school picked up tayte and decided i wasn't gonna come back so i pulled baylee out as well. we went home to get some ds's and other things to entertain the boys. i gave tayte his bucket with the same instructions and we were off once again to amarillo. to anyone that thinks i should have stayed home to 2 sick kids just know i have a playroom with a couch that they could rest on. so it is just like being at home only they don't have their beds. and no one got sick again.

that night was my altered arts group meeting. so the boys hung out at the store while they did their thing. baylee helped me close up the store. he was in charge of adding the credit card receipts and the checks. he didn't get the totals right, but he did understand what he was supposed to be doing. and you don't use a calculator until way later in school. we got home and everyone was told their jobs to get ready for bed. baths, homework that wasn't brought to the store, and make sure all things were signed. we were only getting to bed 1.5 past normal bedtime. the best thing about that night was the boys wanted to sleep with me. so after payton squirmed in bed he finally we to sleep in baylee's bed. he's never been one to sleep with lee and i so i knew that was coming. baylee, tayte, and i went to sleep shortly after getting into bed. i was beat.

the next morning i had school duty again. i made sure to set the alarm on my phone just in case my alarm clock didn't get me up. i plug my phone in across the room so it would eventually bug me enough to get out of bed. we got to school roughly on time. when i told baylee to get breakfast he was farting around for something else. since we didn't have any poptarts, breakfast was a baggie of grapes and strawberries, it is healthier but won't stay with them as long. so i hoped they could make it to lunch.

my plan was to go get the boys from danielle's house by 6 and have them back at the store until lee could come get them about 9. well tragedy #4. lee's flight was delayed hours. he didn't get to the store to pick the boys up until 11. but they were troopers and i made them a cake in the microwave. which was awesome!

so i have been running around like a crazy person. and am a beat dog. so hopefully i get a good nights sleep. oh, and i am extactic that lee is back. i don't think i could hack it as a single mom. ok maybe i could but it wouldn't be as much fun for the boys, they would have to cut back on the things they do.