Friday, October 16, 2009

the only advantage

so tayte and i had this conversation the other night:
  • t: why is you tummy getting so big?
  • m: because the baby is growing.
  • t: oh, and then it will do this. puts his fingers together and points to his stomache, goes up his chest about 3-4 times. then puts his fingers to his mouth and acts like he is throwing up.
  • m laughing hysterically: no that is not how the baby gets here.
  • t: then how does it get out of your tummy?
  • m: i show him my c-section scar. they cut me here and that is how the baby gets out.
  • t: oh, that must really hurt.

so, i didn't have to explain how babies get here the old fashioned way and go through the whole thing about girls and boys being different. that is the ONLY benefit i have found in having c-sections.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

payton remembers

this is how the story starts:

lee popped off to the babysitter about being a celebrity, saying she has been in the paper a lot lately. she thought he was talking about being on tv. lee mentioned that i was on tv once and that if she wanted to see it they could watch it. apparently lee doesn't know what that kamr recording is.

a couple of years ago kamr did a segment on the soda fountain at the pharmacy. so when they aired it i recorded it. i know lame. but, it aired a month after dad died and every once in a while i watch it and am glad i have it.

so, i told lee that what he thought was me was really my dad. i made him watch it. payton came in the room while it was playing. i asked him who that was. without a second thought he said "papa." i started to cry because he was only 15 months when dad died. i was certain that he would not remember him. sure we talk about papa, but rarely do i show a picture and put the name to the face. so payton and i sat there and watched this segment on dad about 10 times. each time he yelled "that's papa."

he then told me that papa was at our house. really, where? i asked. yep, he is in our tb. so when i miss him i can always find him in our tb.