Thursday, November 13, 2008

kids growing up too fast

why do kids have to grow up so fast? baylee and i have had a lot of conversations lately about this. i understand every kid wants to fit in and not be teased, but i am becoming saddened by this. first was the underwear. baylee requested the next time i buy underwear it be plain white. because he went to a slumber party and all the other boys had on white underwear. when did cartoon underwear become uncool at the ripe ol' age of 7? luckily baylee is a thinker and instead of letting everyone see his cartoon undies he slept in his shorts to avoid any teasing. then tomorrow is pajama day and he couldn't wear the pj's he has because they again have cartoons on them. except if they were bumblebee they would be ok. luckily for baylee i was planning on getting all the boys new pj's for the polar express ride. so catastrophe #2 avoided. then this one is partially my fault because i am trying to be thrifty. which is not really my style you did notice a new camera and lens in the last 2 weeks. anyway, baylee told me he was going to ask santa for a wii because we can't afford expensive stuff like that (which is not true). so our biggest present has to come from santa. so we had to have a talk about money and that he doesn't need to worry about what things cost at the ripe ol' age of 7. next he is going to worry about paying bills. where does the innocence of children go? and why so fast? kids his age are already beginning to doubt santa. no cartoon undies-that is a national crisis. if any of you have any wisdom on the matter send it my way.