Thursday, January 29, 2009


i have been watching to see where people are from that read my blog. i can guess and assume that i know who people are by the city. but there is one that i can't figure out. someone from new york, new york keeps checking up on me. i don't want to scare you away i just want to know if i know you. so the next time you check me out new york leave me a message. and if you don't want to that is fine too. but it would be great. thanks.

my eyes

i have lived basically my whole life with terrible vision. i started wearing glasses in kindergarten. i got my first pair of contacts as a freshman, because my parents were finally tired of broken glasses. most of those were due to basketball. yes, i caught the ball. it was all fighting for the ball that resulted in broken glasses.

my glasses to this day are really super thick. even with all the advances with eyeglass technology there are still thick. i have -6.75 vision. i don't know what legally blind is but i really think i am close.

so i have been having problems lately with my eyes. first they were really sensitive to the light, even with my sunglasses on i had to squint. well the reason is i have corneal clouding. my contacts were suffocating my eyes. not letting enough oxygen in. so instead of the regular way light enters your eye, mine was coming in and spreading out. apparently that is not good. so i got new contacts that let in more oxygen.

you would think that all my problems would be solved. no. i was driving home tonight. this was the first day wearing my new contacts and i discovered that if i close my right eye i can't see crap. i can see the speedometer just fine, but anything past that not so much. don't worry if i kept both eyes open i could see fine 20/20 even. so i guess i get to make another visit to the eye doctor.

i'm really considering that lasix thing. but i am nervous. i really need to do my research. until then i will remain a slave to the contact lense. you rarely see me with my glasses, only when my eyes are killing me.