Friday, November 14, 2008

words of wisdom by tayte

he just said "heeeere's johnny." don't ask me where he heard that one.

for a kid who took forever to talk he says some of the darnest things. and i mean forever, he was probably pushing 3 before he would really say anything to people other than lee, baylee and i. i always said he hated people and for the most part he did. since he started pre-k he has been a different kid. i am so happy he has found his voice. sometimes, now i wish he would lose it.

other funny things tayte has said:

the applebet (alphabet)

ba-rote (remote)

we have a ds, playstation, and gamecube we don't need anything else. oh and lots of toys too.

i have 3 belly buttons. (2 are not really belly buttons-see if you can guesswhat they are.)

mackie is my girlfriend and caden is my boyfriend (lee didn't like this one and the 2 of them argued about it until lee finally gave in)


blog gadgets

is there some competition that i was not let in on? is the person with the most gadgets the coolest blogger? every time i check out a new blog or look at a blog i follow there seems to be more. i was reading some blogs the other day and lee walked in. his comment "oooohhh they have music, why don't you have music?" so again i ask was there some challenge that i should be let in on? is more, more? do i need to start gadgetizing my blog?