Sunday, April 11, 2010

family day

we had a great day today. we started the day off at church. which went pretty good until payton decided he needed to pester tayte. did i mention it was when he was taking his money up to the basket at the front of the church. he is standing there and according to one of the men at church "when you want to get rid of him i'll take him because he was stealing money out of the collection basket." great. he took tayte's dollar out, threw it on the floor and said, "tayte...taaaayyyyttttteeee." he pointed at it and wanted tayte to put it back in the basket. as soon as i stood up and snapped my fingers that little stinker grabbed that dollar, threw it in the basket and was headed to sit back down. other than that church was great.

then we heading into amarillo for some fun errands. we went to toys r us so the boys could spend the money the got for easter. headed to the mall so i could get some new shirts from american eagle, even though according to their advertising i am too old to wear their clothes. we went to eat at the boys' favorite place to eat, red robin. which even though 2 of the kids eat free we still couldn't get out of there for under $40. then headed to the movies. we watched "how to train a dragon." which was a really cute movie. in fact baylee asked if we could get it as soon as it was on dvd.

the boys were so good that it makes doing all these things easy. i am so grateful that they know how to act in public. now when we got home that was another story.