Tuesday, January 18, 2011

family prayer time

we started praying before bed at night together as a family. i'd like to say we do it every night but, reality sets in. we are really pretty good about doing it about 5 times a week. we started a year or two ago and i am so thankful that we did. first of all the boys have learned most of the regular prayers they should know. but, to watch them grow in their praying has been the biggest blessing. when we started we would have to force tayte to pray for at least 2 things. and then we would have to force him to pray for 2 different things because he would find 2 things and stick with them for as long as possible. now he changes things up every couple of nights or so. baylee has really learned to pray for people even if he doesn't know their name. i like that he will pray for people he will never meet. i hope someone out there is praying for him too. and i'll have to admit lee and i have gotten better at praying for different things. you know the saying practice makes perfect. but, the real reason for this post is so that i can remember payton's favorite prayer for the time being:

glory be to the father, and to the son, and to the holy spirit, holy mary
mother of God world without death amen.

it cracks me up every time he says it. no matter how many times lee and i correct him this is how he says the glory be. oh well, maybe later.