Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

i don't know what it was about this morning. no one wanted to get up and going, except payton who doesn't have to be anywhere until 10. there was lots of pushing, a little yelling, to get out the door. we managed to get to school before the tardy bell rang. i am not a morning person and i don't like anything about starting a new day. once i get going things are better and by the evening i am in full swing of the day. however, the world does not agree with that. so for me i want to stay up past midnight, but have to get the boys to school by 8. not a good combination. i am very lucky that lee takes the boys to school most days. today he is meeting a guy in panhandle so wanted to sleep in. therefore i had to take the boys to school.

baylee woke up singing 'it's halloween, it's halloween.'

tayte and i had to race to get ready so he would get a move on. he is too much like his momma sometimes.

i forgot money for milk and had to leave again and apparently that freaked payton out.

hopefully the day starts getting better now.

hope everyone has a save and happy halloween. we will go trick or treating later and the boys are super excited. baylee is still pushing for someone to stay at home to pass out candy. right now i am voting for me.