Wednesday, November 12, 2008

polar express

in case you didn't know. the polar express is coming to lubbock. it is a train ride where they read the story to you while you drink hot chocolate and eat cookies. then when you reach the north pole santa boards and gives each child their own reindeer bell. we are going to take the boys and i am super excited. i haven't told them yet because i can't handle the pestering about when we will go. we go in 2 weeks. i can't wait.

which also brings me to another comment. dvr is the blessing/curse i have always wanted/feared. with christmas still 40 something days (thanks jen for the counter) i get this:

MOOOOOOOOMMMMM. come here. (hate that)
i walk in to a paused tv. (wished i had that as a kid)
i want that (hate that) (wished i could have had that as a kid).

it does make getting your kids what they want helpful. i mean after seeing the same thing paused 700 times you are sure to get the right thing. right? happy shopping to all and to all a dvr.



JacqueGreen said...

ARGH! I totally hear you! Except, I wish Seth would FIND that DANG pause button! He screams, "Mooooooooommmmmmmmm, Hurry! Come here! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! You missed it!" (followed by much drama and fussing!) So, like I have done 100times since, oh, August......I rewind and play and THERE! He replys, "YES! I want that!" Maybe yours can give mine a "remote control lesson"! :) (REALLY....why didn't we have that as kids! dang!)

JacqueGreen said...

ps....we are also going to this grand event in Lubbock. Can't wait, either! :)