Wednesday, December 24, 2008

cookies for santa

rebecca asked what was a christmas tradition we have. so every year for at least the last five years(it could be longer, not sure how old baylee was the first time, but we have done it every year since we started) we have decorated cookies for santa. this year i bought the already cut sugar cookies that all you have to do is bake them. i am really impressed at how well they turned out. to be honest i was a little disappointed at how small they were but in the end they were perfect. small enough where the boys got them all decorated before getting bored. this year we made another change, the accordian tube things from pampered chef. those are the best. if you decorate or plan on decorating cookies with your kids these are a must. i ordered replacement tips so each one could have the circle because i wasn't sure how the fancy tips would work. baylee and i played around with them after we were done and he could make some of the fancy shapes. i will be ordering another set of 3 for next year, i may even get 2 sets. payton could even squeeze the tubes.

tayte hated the tubes said they were too hard, but once i held the end and let him squeeze like baylee was he had a blast. i think it was more that he couldn't do it like baylee.

i always go way over board with sprinkles and toppings we have so many left over each year.

and in the end we had the "drinking" of the left over icing. that was a wonderfully nutritious breakfast.

when i asked tayte if he wanted some he said "no tanks." i just don't get that kid sometimes.
i have learned that if you put a large piece of foil down for each kid most of the sprinkles stay on there and makes clean up a breeze. wad up the foil and throw it away.

the cookies chosen for santa. i am sure he will enjoy them.


Cassie said...

how yummy do those look? I recently ordered those icing tubes too so i'm very happy to know that they work. We didn't decorate this year, but maybe in 2009. Dane did add a few pieces of candy to the gingerbread house at his nana's...just a few as he ate the rest!
Glad to hear your Christmas was merry! I'll see you soon - as soon as I can sneak away from the house to spend money!!! ha!ha!!