Wednesday, December 10, 2008

everyone else is doing it...

since everyone else is posting on the weather i thought i would follow suit. it snowed yesterday(ours was here before we went to school-teasing aaron trying to get sympathy from rebecca) and baylee asked me "what is your favorite thing about snow?" that is his thing lately, asking my favorite this or my favorite that. i have intentions of one day making a list of a lot of my favorites. i always get those emails that ask and i am bad about sending them back. i need to take the time to do it. anyway, back to baylee's question. my answer was that it doesn't snow all the time. i think i broke his heart. i had to explain how hard it was to drive in snow, you have to get up earlier than usual when it snows, and remind him how much i hate being cold. that didn't work. he had that excitement that kids get about the snow and wanted me to have it too. he asked several times what my favorite thing about snow was until i gave in and came up with something he approved of. here is to a winter of little snow.



Cassie said...

I know - I was thinking yesterday that I must be "old" b/c snow no longer has any magic for me and the thought of being that cold just makes me tense up!

Rebecca said...

I feel the same way about makes life tough. But the snow on Tuesday wasn't too bad...the roads were still managable, and it warmed up pretty quickly afterward. I guess that's about the only kind of snow I like. Snow over Christmas break is fine with me, too...I like snow if I don't have anywhere to be!