Saturday, December 20, 2008

holiday treats

baylee and i spent the good part of the afternoon making holiday goodies.
i am grateful that lee just grabs the camera now. it used to be that i would have to ask him to get it, but he just thinks about it himself. so i am in pictures. he hates the new lense, but he has gotten to where he doesn't complain about it anymore. so i am happy about that.
i just got the new holiday treat cookbook from pampered chef and love it. we made a couple out of there, a cookie that has become our party taker, and a recipe i got from a customer.

we had a rice crispie ornament, chocolate covered brownie with candy cane, the easiest turtles ever, and the mini version of our big cookie. i think they look wonderful. i hope everyone enjoys them as much as baylee and i enjoyed making them. i bought the plate at the dollar store and it held som of the things in fours other things in only twos, so we had to use fancy(not really fancy) styrofoam plates for the rest of the goodies.

there was a huge mess that i tried to vote everyone else clean up, but i ended up cleaning it all up.



Cassie said...

That looks like so much fun Tara! I've been wanting to try those brownies on candy canes - were they easy?
I can't wait until Dane is older and we can really "bake" together!

Merry Christmas!!

p.s. the word verification for today is "canes"....that's kinda funny - or ironic.