Tuesday, December 30, 2008

wii had a great christmas

sorry i haven't posted earlier. explanation to follow.

santa brought the boys a wii and they have had a blast ever since. we spent all day playing with the toys, games, and wii that he left.

fyi: that stocking of tayte's grandma did not make. i did. it is no where near the quality of grandma's, but the same love went into it. it was my first one and i have to remind myself of that everytime i look at it compared to the others. i did finish lee's this year. so i have two stocking under my belt. i will not be taking orders unless you are fine getting yours in 2-3 years. that's how long it takes me.

each boy got clothes from lee and i, much to their excitement. tayte was too tired to open present so he laid down on the couch for half of his presents.

baylee decided last year that he wanted to buy his brothers a gift and he did the same this year. i insisted that the boys each other board games which was a big hit. we got piranha panic, rhino rampage, guess who extra, cooties, don't break the ice, ants in my pants, and wack-a-mole tower. i would suggest any of these games, we have been playing them a lot, the biggest hit being the don't break the ice. some of these games were from santa we didn't let them buy each other that many. don't break the ice makes a nice ice world for the galactic heroes they got.

i really loved how well the boys played together on christmas. that truly was the best gift. a day with no fighting.

the wii was big fun for us all. i am a super bowler in case you were wondering. papa gave the boys money so they bought extra games. for only have the thing a week they already have a large collection of games. last night we played mario party as a family so it was a blast. here the boys are playing the star wars clone wars light saber duel.

contrary to what it may look we have not had a light saber catastrophe yet.

baylee got the a.t t.e from star wars and was super excited about that. the other boys got more star wars galactic heroes, so for the third year we have had a star wars christmas.

lee got a new computer hence the delay in blogging. here is the problem: we are old school and not wireless in our house. the old computer that i save all my photos on is upstairs not next to the connection. so i finally got my photos from my computer to the portable hard drive santa left me so i could get the photos to my blog. and i don't feel right blogging without photos. i like the extra they add. lee loves his new computer so that is what matters. i don't want to slow down his new computer with the almost 12,000 photos i have already on my hard drive. that is from 2005, holy photo batman that's a lot of pictures.
i made coffee cake with the help of payton. luckily only it was only us that ate this because payton put cinnamon on the biscuit and then licked it off, but still threw it in the pan.



Cassie said...

a star wars christmas - sounds like the kind that my hubby likes! dane already knows all the characters - well, most of them - and also got some of those galactic hereos from santa. we don't have the light saber wii --- but that might put chris over the edge!! he knew about the game but not the attachment.