Thursday, January 22, 2009


i have a confession to make.

i am a hussy. i hop from one man's bed to the next without a second thought.

in fact, i do this with the blessing of my husband.

for those of you that haven't figured this out yet i mean my boys. last night i slept with tayte. i went in their room to kiss them all good night. as i was getting ready to leave tayte asked if i would sleep with them. i went into my room to grab my favorite blanket and pillow. lee was getting comfy in a bed without me. he didn't even make a fuss. it was several years ago lee did complain.

"why do you always sleep with them when they ask?"

i looked at him and replied, "because one day they won't ask."

after that comment lee doesn't say a word. he even lets all three of the boys in our bed with me and he will sleep in one of their beds.

there are several things that baylee has already quit doing. he is growing up too fast. he is too cool for some things.

but he still asks me to sleep with him. and each time he does i will, because it makes me sad that one day he won't ask. and that day is getting closer, every night.



- Brenda - said...

Too true - I love your comment to Lee! My little baby boy is growing up fast as well, it's kinda rare that I get to cuddle with him anymore :( Love your stories - they are heartwarming. Take care!

Jennifer said...

Tears are coming....
Some nights I will sit in Cody's room and just watch him sleep. He's grown up so fast. It seems like it was yesterday that he was crawling up into our bed to cuddle.
Caden still sleeps with me sometimes (Mike has also spent a night in one of the boy's bed). I love to hold him and listen to him breathe.
Cherish your babies while you can. Because in the blink of an eye they are no longer babies. :)