Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i only have 25oo+ photos on my home computer to tag. apparently when i was backing up it didn't like what i did and untagged most of my photos. i am not complaining because they could have been lost.

i only have 5600+ photos to organize on my passport. i started with 12,000.

then i have to go in and organize all the folders i have made. i am tired of organizing photos.

i got to go to a friend's house on saturday and scrapbook. i didn't have any pictures. that is not they way i work. i had the hardest time making pages that will have a picture later. people do that all the time, but not me. i definitely have to add some more stuff to them when i add photos.

i am addicted to facebook. i know i have mentioned it before, but i seriously get on everytime i check my email. and i check my email regularly throughout the day because of work. i apparently am more of a habit person than i thought. check work email, personal email, check blogs, and then facebook. i know i am a loser, i hear it on a daily basis.

baylee got his progress report for this six weeks. already. it seems like time is in warp speed. poor kid has his dad's handwriting, and the grade proves. other than that and his math grade his lowest grade was a 94. gotta find out what is with the math grade. he had a high 90 something at the end of last semester.

tayte is just being tayte. he had learned how to text people, but doesn't know what he is doing. today he texted lee "tayte." he types his name and pushes send. lee texted him back "hi tayte. i hope you are having a good day." when i told tayte that he looked at me and said, "i just spelled my name and hit the blue button." he has such a dry sense of humor for someone his age. he is going to be funny to watch grow up.

payton knows how to get the wii ready to play. you don't just turn it on and play. you have to change the channel also. i walked in the living room this morning and the wii was ready to go. it was only him and i at home. he is really smart and it scares the dickens out of me. he looks at you and smiles that orny smile, because he has something going on in his head.

lee spends most of his time playing that darn game. i am glad because that was the whole reason for the computer. he puts the headphones on because he doesn't want his boys listening to a war zone. i don't get it. they can see but not hear?

we lead such a boring life sometimes. other times there is not a single minute that is restful. i need more consistency. i think.



Rebecca said...

Be careful what you wish might end up with more of those times without a minute of rest...consistently :)

- Brenda - said...

Your life sounds like mine -facebook, e-mail, work, facebook, blah, blah, blah... It is fun isn't it?