Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i have been busy

first of all i can't believe how much time has passed since my last posts. we have been super busy in this house and i just haven't taken the time to post anything.

last weekend i hung out with some friends and had a blast. we spent the entire time scrapping, talking, and just plain having the best time. i really needed to get away and get some scrapping done. rachael was giving me a hard time because i was abandoning my kids. first, i know their father is completely capable of caring for them. so i never worry about them while i am gone. secondly, i spend the entire time surrounded by pictures of them so i am constantly thinking about them. thirdly, i firmly believe that when i get a break like that i come home ready to be more patient with them and therefore a better mother.

i got 27 pages done. that is a lot for me. i was sooooo happy with several of my pages. so here are my favorites. i apoligize the lighting in the room was not the best so these are not the best pictures (one day i will invest in a scanner, but until then these will have to do). i hope you enjoy these pages as much as i do. and yes, some of these pictures are old.
tayte swinging in our backyard. the blue letters were just extras i was trying to use up i saw this idea in a magazine and liked the look.
this photo is lee, baylee, tayte, grandma, and me at the farm a couple of years ago.
baylee's suit(tuxedo as he calls it) for his first communion
baylee drew dad a picture while he was in the hospital. he put on it remember the good times and the picture had the two of them fighting with lightsavers (that is what baylee calls them).
baylee read this and i asked him if i say any of these things. "like everyone of them."
i always wonder what babies and little kids think.
again sorry about the colors it doesn't really do the pages justice.


Rebecca said...

I love the pages, especially the one w/ you're family and Grandma. I have just like it ('cept w/ my fam).