Thursday, October 8, 2009

payton remembers

this is how the story starts:

lee popped off to the babysitter about being a celebrity, saying she has been in the paper a lot lately. she thought he was talking about being on tv. lee mentioned that i was on tv once and that if she wanted to see it they could watch it. apparently lee doesn't know what that kamr recording is.

a couple of years ago kamr did a segment on the soda fountain at the pharmacy. so when they aired it i recorded it. i know lame. but, it aired a month after dad died and every once in a while i watch it and am glad i have it.

so, i told lee that what he thought was me was really my dad. i made him watch it. payton came in the room while it was playing. i asked him who that was. without a second thought he said "papa." i started to cry because he was only 15 months when dad died. i was certain that he would not remember him. sure we talk about papa, but rarely do i show a picture and put the name to the face. so payton and i sat there and watched this segment on dad about 10 times. each time he yelled "that's papa."

he then told me that papa was at our house. really, where? i asked. yep, he is in our tb. so when i miss him i can always find him in our tb.



Rebecca said...

That is so sweet! I'm glad he remembers, and that he is comforted by getting to see his Papa on TB!

Joanna Lueck said...

Such a sweet and 'real' post. Thanks for being a help-mate and inspiration in Blog-land! And having such a great store!