Thursday, April 8, 2010

i'm a mom who doesn't care

ok really i do care. i just don't care about the trivial things. things that don't change the character of my child. who cares if they wear sweat pants with the elastic bottoms...and have them pulled up past their knees. because that is how payton left the house today, he did pull them down eventually. who cares if they play out in the front yard in their underwear...because really isn't that like a speedo? and there are grown men that do that.

i care about things that matter. i care that my kids have manners, because a please and a thank you can go a long way. i care that they have a belief in something greater than themselves. because sometimes life throws things at you that you really can't handle on your own.

i want to teach my kids that there are certain things you need to fight for and then there are things that you need to compromise on and deciding what those things are is the biggest challenge.

i get told a lot that i have great kids. i think it is because i don't care, but really do care. and i have a husband that feels the same way. because he is a great dad. we make a good team and have great kids to show for it. so the whole point of this post is to show that i am grateful for what i have and willing to fight for it. so if you don't like the fact that i yell at my kids and tell them they can't have a apple because they threw away their ice cream you can get over it. because there are people who are hungry and you don't waste food.



Rebecca said...

LOVE the last kids would never throw away ice cream, tho, and usually wouldn't pick an apple (I have to force the good stuff down their gullets).

BTW, Bryanna made a comment today in class after I said something. She said "That's so Tara."